Determination = a Nomination!!

First of all, can we all refer back to our First Post and look at how far we’ve come?!  This is our 11th post and we have lasted WAY longer than our typical 5 days!!  We have started to make some awesome blogging friends and are starting to learn the tricks of the trade!  Yesterday, I was excited to see a message from our friend, Jessica, over at The Sweet Files stating that she had nominated us for The Versatile Blogger Award!  This gal’s blog is AWESOME.  Check her out and give her a follow!  Thank you so much for the nomination Jessica!!  We will proudly display this badge in our sidebar in appreciation!!  So here are the rules to accepting the nomination:

  • Show off the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tell the world 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link to the blogs and let them know you shared the love

Soooo here we go!  7 facts about us!!

1.  Meggie – I have lived in 7 different places in the past 7 years.

2.  Sheena – I love Uganda, Africa and hope to one day travel back with my family…maybe live there for a few years.

3.  Meggie – I can’t sleep unless my sheets and blankets are perfectly lined up and tucked in on my bed.

4.  Sheena – I hate dill pickles.

5.  Meggie – I can speak Portuguese.

6.  Sheena – I have had over 20 roommates.

7.  Meggie and Sheena – We met through two different totally unconnected people!  I (Meggie) lived with one of Sheena’s best friends in Florence, Italy for 6 months!  The second connection was Elle who was one of my best friends when I lived in Los Angeles was also one of Sheena’s best friends!  We met through Elle in Portland one time and then both moved to Austin and instantly became besties!!

Our 15 Blog Nominations:

1.  Finding Myself Through Writing (My Aunt’s Blog!)

 2.  Austin Styled

3.  Nutie

4.  Vogue Infatuation

5.  La Botanista

6.  Hannah with a Camera

7.  Citrus and Rose

8.  Babe Daily

9.  Cooking Without Limits

10.  Vague Visages

11.  Ranting Chef

12.  Blissful Britt

13.  Elle Kae

14.  KelzBelzPhotography

15.  Cooking Up the Pantry



Add yours →

  1. Congratulations! I love to read what you have to say!

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  2. You guys are great, thank you for this!

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  3. Well Meggie, I’m so honored you nominated me and soon the whole world will know 7 facts about me! So glad that you have made it in the blogging world for more than five days this time. Keep up the good work! ~Elle (Aunt Lindy). 😉

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  4. Thank you so much for the nomination!


  5. Thanks for the nomination babes!

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